EPIC is student-led


Charbel Bourjas

EPIC Co-President

Since starting at Northwestern, I have had the opportunity to try many different projects to get a better sense of what my purpose is. Through my experiences at my internships, clubs, classes, and own side projects, I have discovered my passion for building products. EPIC contributed to that discovery immensely. I started my first business my freshmen year through Launch. Now, as a senior, my goal as EPIC President is to provide the same experience I had to the new members.

Anna Feiler

EPIC Co-President

Anna is a rising senior in SESP studying Learning and Organizational Change. She became involved in EPIC through its accelerator program, Launch, back when she was a freshman. At that time, it was a year-long accelerator. Even though she didn’t formally participate in the program, she attended the sessions and worked as the impromptu photographer on many occasions. After taking her first official LOC class as a sophomore, she began advising on the structure of Mission Control (the team that runs Launch). Through this advisory, she joined the team as a logistics manager and was asked to step up as a director of the program with her current co-president of EPIC, Charbel.
When she graduates in December 2018, Anna will be joining Deloitte’s Human Capital practice in Chicago (or selling-out, as some might say). She has hopes to return to NU in the next 5 years to pursue either an MBA or her Masters in LOC, and then find a startup or small firm that has values she can get behind.


Charlotte Emery

Women in Tech Director

As a Polisci and Asian Studies major, I love history and politics. I also discovered over the course of a few tech and consulting-related internships in China and Hong Kong that I am really interested in tech, but especially in helping women succeed in the tech world. This discovery led Michelle (my co-founder) and me to found Women in Tech, which we run together as a branch of EPIC.
Women in Tech aims to help Northwestern women achieve professionally and personally in the tech world, whether that be with finding jobs and internships or developing the skills they need to succeed. We hold events that are designed to help women find out about opportunities in the tech world and how to pursue them, build both professional and personal skills, and to foster a sense of community on campus.

Ben Hool

Sprout Director

By embracing entrepreneurial mindsets, we can discover innovative ideas to impact any business whether start-up or corporate. Experienced both in brewing up my own company and supporting the payment transactions of 3.1 billion credit and debit cards globally, I joined EPIC to design an immersive program which aims to give Northwestern students the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship skills applicable to all career paths. Sprout is a start-up trek to the world’s innovation capital, the Silicon Valley, where twenty-five students embark on five days of intensive workshops, interactive site visits, alumni-entrepreneur panel events, and more.

Aishwarya Jois

Launch Co-Director

I’ve wanted nothing but to be a lawyer since I was seven years old, so entrepreneurship was a… late discovery for me. My high school focused on the design thinking process for engineering, and in the process, I ended up stumbling into entrepreneurship and the idea that, yes, starting a company could be something I do, even while I’m still a student. That’s when I realized that that empowering discovery was one that I had to share with my friends and classmates - and exactly why I love Launch.

Samuel Kim

General Membership Director

As a student founder, I’ve been working on startups the majority of my life. Since the 7th grade, I’ve come up with business ideas, iterated, and sold products across several industries. Coming into Northwestern, I knew I wanted to be a part of the entrepreneurship company, so EPIC and The Garage were a perfect fit. I’m currently working on three companies, along with directing general admission for EPIC.
GM is geared toward bringing real-world entrepreneurial experiences to any student at Northwestern. Every so often, our team will hold events, whether they’re talks, panels, or workshops, and invite anyone who’s interested on campus.

Ashley Wei

Operations Director

I joined EPIC in my freshman year spring because I thought it would be a new adventure for me, and it really is. As an econ and stats major, I'm interested in business from an entrepreneurial perspective. Besides this, I'm also more interested in the people and the operational work of this big community. And that's what the Operations team do. We help organize activities, facilitate events within EPIC and communicate with other internal and external teams. We do fun work with interesting people.

Barry Zhang

Tech Co-Director

I’m a rising sophomore studying computer science and minoring in philosophy. I became involved with tech entrepreneurship early freshmen year when I joined Tech team of EPIC. Aside from EPIC, I’m also involved with the Northwestern entrepreneurship ecosystem through my data analysis work with the Farley Center of Entrepreneurship. I’ve worked as a web app developer in several student startups and I believe that technology is crucial for the conception, execution, and renewal of any entrepreneurial process. I hope to provide the tools and resources for my team members to gain insights into the tech entrepreneurship landscape.